Raffaello series

Raffaello series

Wrap around cartoning machines Raffaello Series

Automatic packaging machines on one or more layers in sealed cardboard boxes, trays or display boxes for loose products or multipacks

Compact cartoning machines particularly suited for production lines requiring a small machine with a speed of up to 15 blanks per minute.

The precision with which the box is wrapped around the product to create neat, stackable and environmentally-friendly packs is the reason why it is used in multiple industrial sectors:

  • food
  • beverage
  • personal care
  • detergents


Quality in less than 4 metres; easy to introduce even in lines that are already up and running and with minimum space.

Low mantainence costs

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low, with top-of-the-range performance.


“Inserter” device for additional product protection during handling operations.


Precision Pick&Place unit to stack products over several layers.

Raised magazine

Raised magazine to facilitate refilling the blanks with a capacity of between 200 and 400 pieces.


The machine architecture is designed to facilitate inspection and speed up maintenance tasks.

The compact cartoning machine for products on one or more layers

The accuracy in positioning small or large products makes the Raffaello Series the optimal choice to protect products with an environmentally-friendly, hard-wearing and easily stackable pack.

The Raffaello ultra compact wrap-around cartoning machines form the box around the product starting from a flat blank. This ensures maximum stability of the product within the carton.
It is recommended for packing:

  • brik
  • cases
  • tins
  • bottles
  • cans
  • jars
  • bins
  • dispensers

Raffaello P&P: up to 4 layers per pack

The Raffaello P&P model is fitted with a Pick&Place system to create packs that contain up to 4 product layers; the maximum number of layers depends on the height and design of the packaging. The picking system takes the product, either loose or pre-bundled, and places it on the carton in stacked layers.

Raffaello P&P is supplied with the most suitable picking system for the product to be stacked. The gripping unit with picking arm can be:

  • magnetic
  • with suction cups
  • with mechanical picking gears (hands or vanes)

Cost-effective and versatile cartoning machine

If you want an automatic machine for end of line packaging that’s cost-effective yet without compromise, Raffaello is the perfect solution.
Indeed, this cartoning machine has an extremely beneficial total cost of ownership owing to the modularity of its components, the optimisation of the mechanics and the easy maintenance that minimises machine downtime and operator tasks.

  • The large transparent guards allow the operator to monitor the product along its entire path
  • the magazine is raised to facilitate refilling the blanks

The pick-up, positioning and folding system is designed to be effective even with not perfectly flat blanks and is suitable for both normal logistic packaging and high-quality packaging:

  • standard and one-side coated cartons
  • single coated cartons
  • cardboard thickness: 2-5

How to choose
the right packaging machine

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Types of packaging

With Raffaello cartoning machines, you can pack your products in wrap around boxes and trays on one or more layers.




A few customers who have picked Atlanta’s wrap around cartoning machines


4 standard models that can quickly be tailored for maximum production efficiency

Technical characteristics


Watch the Raffaello series in action

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How to choose
the right packaging machine

If you need more detailed information, our product managers are ready and willing to help.

Write to us

We’ll answer your queries promptly.

Case Studies

Trays on several layers with cold chain

Product infeed designed specifically to decrease the product channelling space with respect to the line of frozen products.

Product type: food trays
Formats: 2×1 on 3 layers

The company decided to equip its end of line with an automatic machine to pack its food products packed in trays. The line layout and the product characteristics presented non-standard characteristics:

Heavy sacks require strength and precision

Cement sacks in wrap around pack with different configurations.

How to pack heavy products packed in sacks in wrap around boxes. This type of pack posed several problems during wrapping, including:

The weight of the product
The lack of compactness of each individual pack
There was a considerable difference in texture as the format changed
The top of the sack had to be folded accurately before being wrapped by the cardboard.