All-in-one packaging machine
wrap around cartoning machines with heat-shrink film

Wrap-around plus film combined systems

Automatic Combi machines are the ideal all-in-one solution for packing products using both wrap-around technology and heat-shrink film on a single production line

Combi Series

Packaging machine with film and wrap-around in a single automatic machine
Up to 50 packs/minute

12 models devised for the beverage, food, chemical and personal care industry.

Combi (25 ppm)
Combi R BS (15 ppm)
Combi R M BS (15 ppm)
Combi R P&P BS (15 ppm)
Combi R M A (15 ppm)
Combi R P&P A (15 ppm)
Combi 90M (25 ppm)
Combi 90 Medium (35 ppm)
Combi S (40 ppm)
Combi L Cont SHC (50 ppm)

Combi R + A (25 ppm)

Combi SHC customized (45 ppm)