Giotto Series

Giotto Series

Giotto Series automatic cartoning machines

Wrap around packaging machines for top performance

Automatic machines for packing loose products or multipacks in wrap around boxes or trays.

The Giotto packaging machines were designed with a modular structure to allow a broad range of customizations to pack the most varied products, even with very small dimensions.

  • 50 ppm in a single lane

Irregularly shaped products

This cartoning machine is designed for irregularly shaped products, with special caps or a dispenser.

Wide and raised blank

Wide and raised blank to facilitate loading and to reduce the number of reloading operations required.

blank picking system

The blank picking system with suction cups makes it possible to use blanks with a thickness of 2-5 mm.

Ergonomics, safety, speed and easy use

Ergonomics, safety, speed and easy use are the characteristics of this automatic end of line packaging machine.

Extensive range of optionals

The Giotto series boasts an extensive range of optionals that allow you to “build” your perfect packaging machine.
See all the optionals available.

Picked by the greats

Designed to ensure efficiency, this packaging machine accommodates the superior standards of the world of beverage, food, personal care and personal care and cleaning products.

  • Optic and mechanical sensors for product presence
  • 1/4 pallet tray
  • Electrical cabinet air conditioning
  • Rapid pre-set format changeover, without replacing parts

The Giotto wrap-around cartoning machines form the box around the product starting from a flat blank. This ensures maximum stability of the product within the carton as well as solid and stackable packs.
The use of single-coated blanks means that stylish boxes can be achieved, suitable even for the b2c market.

It is recommended for packing:

  • brik
  • cases
  • tins
  • bottles
  • cans
  • jars
  • bins
  • dispensers
  • vials
  • beer
  • wine
  • alcohol and distillates
  • detergents
  • creams
  • food products

How to choose
the right cartoning machine

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Types of packaging

Giotto packs products in wrap around boxes and trays.




A few customers who have picked Atlanta’s wrap around cartoning machines

Giotto Series Models

7 standard models that can be entirely tailored for maximum production efficiency

Technical characteristics


Watch the Giotto series in action

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How to choose
the right packaging machine

If you need more detailed information, our product managers are ready and willing to help.

Write to us

We’ll answer your queries promptly.

Case Studies

The cartoning machine for the canning industry

The outstanding flexibility in managing highly different formats makes this packaging machine suitable for the most varied production sectors.
In the canning industry, the difference in formats on the same line is very frequent, which is why the Belgian manufacturer of sauces and vegetables in oil, brine and vinegar picked Giotto 90M to pack its products in wrap around boxes with an opening for shelf display.