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The importance of the "product accompanying assembly" in a packaging machine
Ambra, which is always operational even in the presence of unstable products, was the shrink wrap machine picked by a famous manufacturing firm for its hygiene products packed in boxes with a narrow and irregular resting base. Ambra’s “product accompanying” assembly keeps the boxes in the right position until the film has wrapped the packs.

A single packaging machine for 15 different formats
The product presented multiple difficulties such as, for instance, the difference in weight between the various formats and the fact that the containers were empty. These features required specific adjustments to allow variable cycles of between 15 and 25 packs per minute depending on the format.

Differences in texture of individual stand-up pouches
The Customer has a comprehensive range of cat and dog food that is packed in individual 150 g and 300 g portions in doypacks; obviously, the difference in the products contained inside means the doypacks have very different textures and this requires a feeding system with good tolerance capable of grouping together this type of soft pouch.