Eco-sustainable packs:
Wrap around cartoning machines for the food, beverage, detergent and personal care sector

Cartoning machines for secondary packaging

Atlanta cartoning machines are highly efficient, easy-to-use automatic machines which are ideal for sturdy, environmentally-friendly, easy-to-stack packs.

Raffaello Series

Simple and reliable automatic wrap around cartoning machine
up to 15 packs/minute

A cartoning machine affording quality performance levels for those in search of a compact, easy-to-use machine. Built to pack a broad variety of products, it produces solid and compact packs.

Carton Tray

Raffaello (15 ppm)

Carton Tray Multi-ply

Raffaello P&P (15 ppm)
Raffaello P&P Multifila (15 ppm)
For multi-ply packs

Carton Tray

Raffaello Multifila (15 ppm)

Palladio Series

Smart cartoning machine for stand-up pouches and soft packs
up to 15 packs/minute

It packs products that need to be placed upright inside the box. The fully-automatic work flow makes it suitable for the pet food, food and detergent sector


Palladio (15 ppm)

Giotto series

High speed wrap around cartoning machines for consistently perfect packs
up to 50 packs/minute

An extremely efficient end of line system with the most diverse types of pack.

Carton and Tray

Giotto (25 ppm)
Giotto P (20 ppm)
Giotto M (25 ppm)

Giotto Medium (35 ppm)
Giotto S (40 ppm)

Giotto SHC (45 ppm)
Giotto L Cont SHC (50 ppm)