Customisation is our standard

Our company specialises in automatic machines for secondary packaging and was established in 2001 with the aim of making tailored packaging machines

because we know that each product line has its own set of particular features and thus requires dedicated machines to be truly efficient.

ATLANTA packaging machines stand out because they are designed with a modular logic, which allows us to put together your model on-demand side-by-side with your, starting with a broad range of standard elements.
This is why ATLANTA packaging machines are efficient, competitive and top-performing.

The know-how acquired over these years of close partnership with both international brands and small and medium-sized businesses has enabled us to put together an extensive range of automatic packaging machines: machines shrink wrap cartoning machines wrap around, combined systems, as well as the brand-new PROGREEN ecostrap packaging machines, designed to reduce the use of plastic in secondary packaging by 80%.

Years of experience
Packaging machines
across 62 countries
Packaging machine models, each one customisable

The best way to say packaging is our mission.

Our packaging machines are designed to be efficient day-in day-out consistently over the years because any unscheduled machine downtime constitutes a cost for any business; this is why we have dedicated resources and effort to make them “easy” to use and with minimum maintenance times in order to guarantee you an extremely competitive TCO (total cost of ownership).

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Atlanta network
end of line solutions.

More than 15,000 customers all over the world use our machines every day; they picked Atlanta Network because they know they can count on reliable technologies and on a network of expert technicians in various sectors, from food and drinks, to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

ATLANTA STRETCH SpAspecialises in the production of both automatic and semi-automaticpallet wrapping machines
More than thirty years of expertise on the part of Top Management has enabled the brand to produce the most comprehensive range of stretch film wrapping machines in the world.
The achievements which we are most proud of include “key” customers in the FOOD and DRINKS sector, multinationals from the CARDBOARD and TISSUE industry and other major customers from the CHEMICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL industries. When a customer chooses an ATLANTA STRETCH SpA wrapping machine, he or she is sure to find innovation, reliability and reduced running costs whatever the conditions of use.
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LP PACKAGING Srl specialises in the construction of heat-shrink film and cardboard packaging machines for the food, beverages, pet food, detergent, lubricants and personal hygiene products industries. We are in a position also to design and build machinery with tailored technical processing that are not available from other manufacturers.
LP PACKAGING Srl has produced machinery since 1985 and has gained enormous experience over the years. Our focus lies in finding solutions to individual specific requirements. These solutions are the result of consolidated experience and are testified by an extensive database of a vast array of product types (from the heaviest to the lightest and with the strangest shapes imaginable).
Share your needs with us and consult us for a complete solution by LP PACKAGING Srl. Our team will be delighted to assist you with your needs, offering professional, fast and reliable support.
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COMARME SRL is the world leader in the production and distribution of case sealers and automatic case erectors with standard adhesive tape, with gummed paper and with hot melt glue.
COMARME was established in the early 20th Century. From the Sixties, the core business became case sealers. This English term “case sealer” was developed by COMARME and became a synonym of good practice in sealing boxes with adhesive tape. COMARME’s reputation is known across the globe.
5 years ago, COMARME was bought by the ATLANTA group.
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