Several in-line layers of trays of frozen food

Product infeed designed specifically to decrease the product channelling space with respect to the line of frozen products.


Product type: food trays
Formats: 2×1 on 3 layers
Line: frozen food
Place of installation: France
Automatic machine: Raffaello cartoning machine
Infeed: 90°


  • Reducing the product infeed space as much as possible
  • Keeping stacked trays stable
  • Sealed case closure

The company decided to equip its end of line with an automatic machine to pack food products packed in trays.
The line layout demanded a cartoning machine with special characteristics, so Atlanta’s ability to customise its models while retaining the same superior quality standards was a significant factor in the Customer’s choice.
The space available in the frozen foods line, already in operation for years, is less than 4 metres and the product over several layers is packed in stacked and tapered food trays.

The 90° infeed as standard of the Raffaello model was integrated with a special product infeed unit that makes it possible to exploit all the little space available without letting the product that arrives already stacked lose stability. The product is moved onto the cardboard by a special accompanying system, designed to guarantee perfect movements of the trays even if these are arranged in stacked layers, and it is kept stable while the cardboard envelops it.

Another determining factor in the choice was the possibility of sealing the pack with a sealed case closure.