Pet food in stand-up pouches

Differences in texture of individual stand-up pouches


Product type: Pet food pouches
Formats: 10×1
Line: pet products, pet food
Place of installation: Poland
Automatic machine: Palladio
Infeed: in-line


  • Packing different types of pet food with a single cartoning machine
  • Extra-long magazine
  • Packs for shelf display

The Customer has a comprehensive range of cat and dog food that is packed in individual 150 g and 300 g portions in doypacks; obviously, the difference in the products contained inside means the doypacks have very different textures and this requires a feeding system with good tolerance capable of grouping together this type of soft pouch. The packaging designed envisages white boxes with very stylish graphics and a display opening to make the product stand out on the shelves, so it is necessary for each box to prove perfectly sealed, neat and tidy.

We satisfied all the customer’s requirements with Palladio, the wrap around cartoning machine for soft packs. Fitted with a picking system with suction cups to position the carton carefully without damage it, this machine folds the cardboard to form a box that envelops the product precisely.
The machine is equipped with a magazine of 400 sheets to reduce the number of reloading operations required.

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