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For those in search of efficiency and flexibility in very little space


Product type: Dairy products, yoghurt
Formats: round and square 200/300/330 ml PET bottles in 5×2; 500/1000 ml in 3×2.
Line: Dairy products, yoghurt
Automatic machine: Ambra SV tailored version
Infeed: in-line

This Customer expressed the need to equip AMBRA SV with a series of optionals to accommodate all the specifications of a production line with a complex layout. Ambra’s modular structure made it possible to obtain a completely tailored machine, yet reliable and tried and tested like a standard product.
Since the shape of the bottles does not have a hollow for the label, to protect the graphics the customer decided to use the dedicated label-saving module


  • Movements with diaspro for product channelling (1)
  • Channel extension with additional 2-metre belt (2)
  • Label-saving module
  • Version made entirely in stainless steel
  • Tailored machine colour (3)