how to pack packaging of different formats

Vegetables in oil, brine or vinegar, sauces

Jars of different shapes and sizes


Product type: Square and round jars, different heights
Formats: 3×2, 4×3
Line: food products, canning industry
Place of installation: Belgium
Automatic machine: Giotto 90M
Infeed: 90°


  • Packing 6 different types of product with a single cartoning machine
  • Minimum format changeover times
  • Perfect packs

The difficulties posed by this specific product were:

  • the significant difference between the smallest format and the biggest one
  • the light weight of the small packs

The customer picked Giotto 90M because it guarantees perfect packs even at high production rates; indeed, the products are packed in display boxes that are placed on the shelves in the point of sale, so each pack has to be top quality to reflect the value of the brand.

A “smart” pusher was used to calibrate the force depending on the weight of the jar.