cartoning machine for doypack

Packing doypack pouches simply and in an environmentally-friendly way

Palladio is the cartoning machine for stand-up pouches and soft packaging

Palladio is the result of significant experience accrued over the years as manufacturers of wrap around machines, and the demand on the part of customers for a simple and reliable solution to pack products that need to be placed upright inside a display box, such as – for instance – eat-and-drink in pouches,individual portions in stand-up pouches, or vacuum-packed cheese slices..

The winning feature of Palladio is the easier format changeover with one-piece feeding on wheels that makes it possible to pack very different sized pouches with just one machine.

If you want to find out more about how to pack your doypack products, please contact us mentioning the specifications of your products, or consult the description page of the series.