Wrap around cartoning machine for stand-up pouches

Automatic machine for packaging products in soft packs

The benefits


Feeding designed for stand-up pouches and products that arrive lying down on the belt.


The interchangeable feeding module speeds up the format changeover in the event of very different sized products.


The wrap around unit forms both closed packs and open display packs for top qualityshelf products.


The carton picking system with suction cups is designed for flat blanks - even if they are not perfectly flat - with a thickness of 2-5 mm.


Ergonomic and easy-to-use wrap around packaging machine with raised magazine for rapid blank refilling.

  • Interchangeable feeding unit

  • Positioning of stand-up pouches

  • Grouping of stand-up pouches

  • Box forming

  • Packing of stand-up pouches

  • Carton closure


The product arrives lying down, the feeding unit places the product standing, grouping it according to the pre-set configuration and keeps it upright while an arm with suction cups picks the blank from the magazine and places it on the conveyor belt, where, in the meantime, the pusher has placed the product group, around which the box is formed.

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Technical characteristics

Packaging: wrap-around

Dimensions: 4,675 x 4,318 x 2,500 mm (LxWxH)

Velocità: 15 cartons/minute

Feeding: In-line with compartments

Separation: Transfer unit

Magazine: Capacity 200, Possibility of extension 400 optional

Production speed: up to 15 cartons per minute

Blank thickness: 2 to 5 mm

Upper flap closure: internal

Installed power: 13 kW

Voltage: 400V - 3-Phase/50Hz + N + G

Electrical protection: IP54

Compressed air consumption: 400 NI at 6 bar

Operating temperature: min +5°C - max +40°C

Relative humidity: max 70%

Total weight: 2,500 kg

Product presence check: feelers + photocells

Machine colour: RAL 7037 (gray)

Partial automatic format changeover

Complete compartment conveyor

Manual or automatic centralized lubrication

External upper flap closure

Customized RAL colour

Electrical panel air conditioning

Interface with host computer for data transfer

Teleservice - Remote support

1 - The blank is taken from the magazine by a suction cup system.

2 - The feeding system places the product standing and groups it.

3 - The first fold prepares the blank to receive the group of products.

4 - The feeding module positions the product on the box being formed.

5 - The box is formed around the product with consecutive folds, while passing along the production line.

6 - Glued points are applied and the flap can be internal (standard) or external (optional).


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