Automatic shrink-wrap machines for maximum productivity

Maximum speed, superior performance, extremely easy use

Extra large lane to work on several lanes even with very large packs

Materials and technologies for top performance

Such high speeds of production require maximum precision from every component, which is why Aragon boasts state-of-the-art mechanics, a product accompanying system that keeps the bottles stable even at top speed and is fitted with carbon fibre wrapping bars providing high rigidity and less weight, generating greater precision during the wrapping phase.

Power and control

Speed, control and simple use are the distinguishing features of this automatic machine that requires minimum maintenance and is equipped with all the optionals to automate lubrication and reel replacement operations.
The entire packaging cycle is monitored by a series of mechanical and optic sensors that control the product in transit.

  • Continuous electronic separation assembled on cams for maximum precision.
  • Each moving part is protected by its own safety joint to protect mechanical and electronic parts.

Everything is always under control

  • Heat-shrink tunnel with high-efficiency separated chambers to decrease energy consumption considerably.
  •  Dedicated adjustable air flow partitions for each lane.
  • Pneumatic motor to empty oven in case of power shut off.
  • Sliding safety guards leave the operating areas completely free.

A few customers who have picked Atlanta’s shrink-wrap machines

Technical characteristics

Packaging: film

Dimensions: 18,029 x 1,653 x 2,105 mm (LxWxH)

Speed packages/minute: Single lane: 100, Double lane: 200, Triple lane: 300

Feeding: In-line 4 channels, Double lane and Triple lane optional, Anti-jamming unit

Separation: Continuous

Oven: Heat-shrink tunnel

Production speed: Up to 300 bundles/minute with triple lane

Film maximum width: 950 mm

Installed power: 96 kW

Voltage: 400V - 3 Phase / 50 Hz + N + G

Electrical protection: IP54

Compressed air consumption: 15 Nl/cycle at 6 bar

Operating temperature: min +5°C – max +40°C

Relative humidity: max 70%

Total weight: 6,000 Kg

Machine colour: RAL 7037 (gray), RAL 3020 (red)

Printed film: centring

Automatic reel change with external film insertion

All machine adjustments can be performed electronically

Centralized lubrication

Modem for remote support and interface with central data collection system

Double or triple lane


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