Shrink-wrap machine for secondary packaging

Atlanta shrink-wrap machines are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your production cycle. Each model consists of customisable modules according to the characteristics of your products and your particular production cycle. This allows you to have a fully tailored machine without foregoing the advantages and the reliability of a standard machine.

Automatic bundling machine with film feeder

An entry-level packaging machine for those in search of a compact and cost-effective machine, without foregoing the quality of Atlanta products.
Built to pack a broad variety of products, such as glass or PET bottles, jars and pots, dispensers, aerosol cans and boxes.

up to 30 packs/minute

Ambra Series

Film only

Ambra (25 ppm)
Ambra S (30 ppm)
Ambra M (25 ppm)
Ambra SM (30 ppm)

Pad plus film

Ambra C (25 ppm)
Ambra SC (30 ppm)

Pad/Tray plus film

Ambra V (25 ppm)
Ambra SV (30 ppm)

film only option available

Fast and versatile shrink-wrap machine for top quality secondary packaging

It packs loose or pre-bundled products in several configurations, thanks to the rapid format changeover and to the possibility of using multiple lanes. The fully-automatic work flow makes it suitable for the most varied industrial sectors, such as beverage, food and detergents.

Up to 60 packs/minute

Opale Series

Film only

Opale (40 ppm)
Opale F (45 ppm)
Opale Cont (60 ppm)

Pad plus Film

Opale C (45 ppm)
Opale Cont C (60 ppm)

Pad/Tray plus film

Opale V (45 ppm)
Opale Cont V (60 ppm)

film only option available

Automatic shrink-wrap machine for quality packs, even with printed film

This packaging machine guarantees precision and reliability over time even for fast lines that handle different formats in various configurations.

up to 80 packs/minute in a single lane

Ecofard Series

Film only

Ecofard (30 ppm)
Ecofard F (35 ppm)
Ecofard SF (45 ppm)
Ecofard DL (45 ppm) extra-large lane
Ecofard Cont (60 ppm)
Ecofard Cont S (80 ppm)

Pad plus film

Ecofard C (35 ppm)
Ecofard SC (45 ppm)
Ecofard Cont C (60 ppm)
Ecofard Cont SC (80 ppm)

Pad/Tray plus film

Ecofard V (35 ppm)
Ecofard SV (45 ppm)
Ecofard Cont V (60 ppm)
Ecofard Cont SV (80 ppm)

Maximum precision even at high speed

Up to 100 packs/minute

Serie Aragon

Pad plus film