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PROGREEN: environmentally-friendly packaging
that protects the environment and reduces costs by 80%

Environmentally-friendly packaging appeals to consumers because it uses very little plastic and to manufacturers because their investment pays off in just a few months

With PROGREEN you can pack:

  • pre-bundled logistic packs
  • logistic packs
  • packs for shelf products
  • consumer packs

PROGREEN is a series of automatic machines for eco-sustainable secondary bottle packaging (not glass) that replaces heat-shrink film with ecostrap binding.

It wraps packs for bottles from 0.5 to 5 litres

A new concept of packaging

Reduces costs by up to 80%

Truly eco-sustainable packaging

Multiple benefits for the point of sale and for customers

A new concept of packaging

Progreen is a series of packaging machines that uses an ecostrap binding system instead of wrapping products with wrap around carton or heat-shrink film. It packs 4 different types of pack using between 38% and more than 80% less plastic per bundle compared to shrink-wrap machines.

Progreen is by Atlanta in collaboration with Ribi Systems

Logistic Pack

Traditional pack: 68 g
(36 g for 4 individual bundles + 32 grammes for the 2x2 pack)

PROGREEN pack: 42 g
(36 g for 4 individual bundles + 6 grammes for the 2x2 pack)


Traditional pack: 32 g
PROGREEN pack: 6 g

The consumption of ecostrap and its saving also depend on the shape of the bottle.

Shelf products

Traditional pack: 28.2 g
( 3x2 1.5L)
PROGREEN pack: 2.4 g

Consumer pack

Traditional pack: 28.2 g
(3x2 1.5L)
PROGREEN pack: 4.8 g

The ideal packaging for the point of sale

Aisles always clear even when restocking shelves

Packs wrapped with PROGREEN are the ideal solution for shelf products of all types for the point of sale, whatever the size; indeed, they open quickly without requiring a cutter or other tools, so restocking shelves is quick and easy also because the waste volumes are minimal.

Reducing waste material by more than 80% means having aisles and warehouses that are always neat and tidy and a lower cost for managing and disposing of waste.

Do you want to see progreen in action?

For a clientèle who cares about the environment

More and more people choose products according to the eco-sustainability of the packaging so choosing PROGREEN for your products means stating that your company is environmentally-friendly.

PROGREEN uses a truly minimal quantity of material for each pack compared to traditional solutions:
for 100,000,000 1.5-litre bottles
-PROGREEN uses just 80 tonnes/year of plastic
-heat-shrink packaging uses 470 tonnes/year.