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environmentally-friendly packaging

for multipacks and shelf display products

Minimising plastic use in secondary packaging is easy and convenient
with eco-sustainable packaging that appeals to consumers

80% less plastic

Reduced production costs:
less raw material, less energy, fewer waste disposal taxes

Rapid return on investment

A host of benefits for the point of sale: less waste, more efficiency

The new concept of secondary packaging

For consumers in search of environmentally-friendly packaging
PROGREEN is the alternative to packs with heat-shrink film.

This solution requires a minimum quantity of material to wrap the pack, and is suitable for both consumer packs and logistic packs.

Save plastic.

PROGREEN is the bottle packaging machine that implements innovative packaging logic; indeed, it uses a binding system instead of wrapping the products with heat-shrink film.

This technology requires a minimum quantity of material to wrap the pack compared to traditional solutions.

An example:
Production: 100,000,000 1.5-litre bottles/year (pack of 6)
Quantity of plastic required:
with film 470 tonnes/year
with Progreen just 80 tonnes/year

The consumption of ecostrap and its saving also depend on the shape of the bottle.

Progreen P70Progreen P70

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Practical to carry, easy to open

PROGREEN packs are practical to carry, just like a traditional pack, and they are much more convenient and quick to open; indeed, you don’t need any tools to unpack them, all you need to do is pull slightly on the top ring to pull out a bottle.

For this reason, packs wrapped with PROGREEN are perfect for shelf products.

Multiple benefits for the point of sale.

Plastic reduction is a pressing requirement on the part of consumers, so giving the points of sale the opportunity to claim they are really reducing the use of this material is a significant plus.

In addition to being linked to the brand image, the benefits are also extremely practical: 80% less waste material means:
  • speedier shelf restocking
  • tidy aisles, even during restocking
  • reduced waste volumes