5 December 2019

A single packaging machine for 15 different formats

When the Customer asked us to pack 15 different products with a single shrink-wrap machine, we accepted the challenge, and won, thanks to Ecofard.
5 December 2019

Customisation is our standard

The layout of this line of dairy products and the characteristics of the packaging required special features that could not all be found together in a single standard mode; the modular structure of the Ambra Series made it possible to create a completely tailored model - including length-wise - quickly, with all the reliability of a tried and tested standard model.
5 December 2019

Packing pet food in stand-up pouches

Pet food today requires top quality packaging made with painstaking care for details. More often than not it is packed in individual portion pouches with recipes that vary in taste and texture. Indeed, it is this diversity in texture that makes this product harder to pack.
5 December 2019

Cartoning machine for the canning industry

Companies in the canning industry have a highly diversified production and this requires a packaging machine that can pack very different products in terms of shape and size.