Cartoning machine for trays
5 December 2019
Cartoning machine for the canning industry
5 December 2019

Cement in paper sacks

Differences in formats and texture of the primary pack 


Product type: Industrial sacks
Formats: 5x2, 4x1, 5x1
Line: construction products
Place of installation: Italy
Automatic machine: Raffaello Multifila
Infeed: in-line


  • Handling very heavy products
  • Avoiding the top of the sack from being damaged
The difficulties posed by this specific product were:
  • the considerable weight
  • the lack of compactness of each individual pack
  • there was a considerable difference in texture as the format changed
  • the top of the sack had to be folded accurately before being wrapped by the cardboard
Product size format —— closure
1-kg sacks 115x85xH130 5x2 2 internal flap
2-kg sacks 115x85xH200 5x2 2 internal flap
5-kg sacks 190x95xH250 4x1 4 internal flap
5-kg sacks 190x95xH250 5x1 3,5 internal flap

Raffaello Multifila proved to be the winning solution; it was equipped with a dedicated system for folding the upper flap of the sacks and the adjustable pushing system solved the problem posed by the varying textures.